Internationalization of Xconq

I have tried the Internationalization of Xconq. It uses the gettext and the Tcl message catalog for localization support.



  1. Get the latest Xconq.
  2. Download patch-xconq-7.5pre-s.gz
  3. Do this:
    $ cd xconq
    $ zcat patch-xconq-7.5pre-s.gz | patch -l
    $ sh
    $ mkdir -p ~/.xconq/lib
    $ mkdir -p ~/.xconq/locale/{your language}/LC_MESSAGES/
    $ mkdir -p ~/.xconq/tclmsgcat
    $ cp xconq.pot ~/.xconq/locale/{your language}/LC_MESSAGES/{your language}.po
    $ cp en.msg ~/.xconq/tclmsgcat/{your language}.msg
  4. Install the Xconq
  5. Translate ~/.xconq/locale/{your language}/LC_MESSAGES/{your language}.po into your language.
  6. Convert it into
    $ msgfmt -o {your language}.po
  7. Translate ~/.xconq/tclmsgcat/{your language}.msg with MSGedit (
  8. Translate game files you want to play(say, standard.g and stdunit.g).

    Note that if you modify 'name' for a object, you have to define 'image-name' and 'char' for the object. (these properties default to the value for 'name'.)

  9. Put the files into ~/.xconq/lib/
  10. Make a file "~/.xconq/lib/game.dir" with below content.
  11. Cd to your home directory. (it is a must.)
  12. Type 'xconq -L ~/.xconq/lib/ -g standard'



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