METAL MAJESTY 2005 - Metal Majesty
LMC123 (24 Jan. 2005)
1.We Rocked
2.Ready To Roar
3.Love Will Make You Bleed
4.Hold On The Night
5.Burying Heather
6.Hell Hounds On My Trail
7.Aurelia's Night
8.Alone, Unknown & On My Own
10.Ready To Roar ( instrumental )

( New Studio Recording / released in Finland )

All leadvocals, harmony vocals, guitars, bass guitars & violins, composed, written, recorded, arranged, mixed and produced : Valensia Clarkson
Drums: David Clarkson

No synthesizers were used on this recording.
Valensia Clarkson uses Fernandes/Valensia Unicorn guitars, Mesa/Boogie Coliseum Mark 3 heads, Mesa/Boogie Rectifier kabinets, Marshall JCM 800 heads, Marshall kabinets, Boss graphic EQ's and Solid State Logic.

Zenith: performed by David Clarkson, John Curran, Michael Clarkson, Paul Synclair and Valensia Clarkson.

(from a booklet of 2005)


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