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18/10/2003 Symphony in V-minor excluded?
Valensia just has delivered the master of Metal Majesty to recordcompany Marquee Inc. Japan, who will be the first company to release the album "This is not a drill". Marquee have suggested Valensia to exclude the track 'Symphony In V-Minor' to avoid comparison with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Read here what Valensia has to say about this suggestion.
"When I was young I was always looking for an artist or band who were capable of making songs like Bohemian Rhapsody. There wasn't any, there still isn't any. What you DO have is a music culture where everybody is imitating everybody. The whole grunge popculture in the nineties was based on Nirvana's 'Smells Like..'. ONE bloody song! 1,000,000 rip-offs of that particular song have been aired on every radio in every country in the world during 10 years! tecno, hip hop, r&b, boybands... all the same boring, cold, computermade imitations of eachother. That's what it is: imitations. To me it's imitations of bad stuff even; that's the worse part. At the same time any artist using a rhapsodian structure for a song, instead of the 'allowed' structures (like 'Smells Like..') or this r&b what in my ears ALL sounds the same will be criticized for imitating.

All in all this means that I -and others- never will hear anything new in the style we happen to like. When I realized that I decided to put at least one rhapsody on at least one out of two albums I write. The critique I will get, is my problem. Every other release, somewhere in a corner, will be one rhapsody I do this for the people that don't care about the rules, but just enjoy the sheer beauty of this style and feel they want to hear some more. With all these new releases there's more than enough room for all the Gaia-imitations, Bo Rhap-imitaions, Valensia-imitations, Valensia-originals, reggae, polka, waltz, hardrock, pop, ballad, symphony, modern, epic, classic, melodic, new romantic, Freddie Mercury, Kate Bush, Duran Duran, Beatles, Lennon, Eddie van Halen, Steve Vai, sixties, seventies eighties and everything else-mixes I come up with.

The debut album of Metal Majesty will consist 99% of pure melodic rock. That is, if you like heavy & fast guitars, pianos and synths, pomp, symphonic, glam, metal, majestuous and a 1987 soundproduction. Think Valensia meets Whitesnake with the Royal Philharmonic-drunk. 14 tracks, now over 60 minutes of music.
And I kept 6:34 minutes free for those who love the bombastic, multi-layered harmony voices, chord transitions and musical extravaganza.

Some people say to me: "You don't need to do that! You can be original!"
If 'original' means: do like the others; imitate by the rules, then it's very contradictive.
If 'original' means: like Gaia, then I've already done that and doing it still.
But if 'original' means: don't use Bo Rhap structures, then I prefer not being original.
Not after hearing 100,000 versions of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.

Even if Freddie Mercury would still be around, he probably wouldn't be writing rhapsodies anymore. He wrote some (My Fairy King, Fairy Fellers, March Of The Black Queen, Millionaire Waltz etc) when he was young.
And that's the crucial point: I know I won't be writing big rhapsodies forever: it is a young artist's thing.

I made a promise to myself when I was 10 years old: Write that stuff and be sure it's recorded and released. Because that's the stuff I wanted to hear when I was a kid. I couldn't get enough of those typical harmonyvocals. Many artists do harmonyvocals, but not like this. And I know there are a lot of people out there who want to hear it too, like me. In this day and age you can't release an album full of that stuff. Not with all the boybands and Britneys filling the charts for us.
So what I do, is spreading the stuff. A new album, one new song for them who love it so.

It would be so simple and easy to say: "What the hell, I exclude the rhapsodies, it's dangerous stuff and I want good critique! Let's exclude all the dangerous stuff."
Because I know damn well which are the 'safe' songs, and which are the 'dangerous' songs. "Let's try writing an album NOBODY can complain about. at least, let's write and minimize the criticism."
This is where the fun stops.

I still love doing such a song every now and then and I really would feel guilty to the lovers of this genre -let's face it; they haven't got much- when I wouldn't do it now, while the water's still hot. If this means people will go "BLASPHEMY! That's Queen!!" then I have to take that for granted.

I guess I will be writing this stuff for 2 or 3 more years, hope to have one compositoric highlight and then quit, 'cause even this probably will get boring eventually.
If my next album would be a jazz-record, then a rhapsody still will be present.
At the end of the day I hope to have contributed enough for the people who adore that stuff. In the meantime I try to create all the music as good as possible.

It's funny; the lyrics for Symphony In V-Minor are all about this subject.
Shall I fill my pockets and produce a boy or girlband?
Shall I try to become a critique-less artist?
Or remind myself of the fact why I got into music in the first place: creating the crap that I like.
I'll go for the crap.
I always have."

Aldous Byron Clarkson
a.k.a. Valensia, Denia - October 18, 2003

(from The Official Valensia Website)