The Song Of Mankind And Water

This song was downloaded through The Official Valensia Website. (Jan - Apr, 2005)
All money collected were donated to GIRO 555 for the Southeast Asia Tsunami Relief.

Aquatica: a Valensia song of mankind and water

2003年 国連「国際淡水年」 Year Of Water の為に創られた曲です。
期間限定(2005年1月〜4月)でオフィシャル・サイトを通じてダウンロードされ、売上金は全て 「スマトラ沖地震・インド洋大津波 救済募金」 に充てられました。

from The Official Valensia Website
06/01/2005 Valensia donates track for Asia
Valensia has decided to donate the song Aquatica to the Southern East Asia Tsunami Relief.
Aquatica was originally written for the United Nations to support the 2003 Year Of Water, but because of the war in Iraq it was never released. The second verse of the song is about the tsunamis.
Mondaynight I was zapping through the Dutch channels I caught the making of the Dutch Artists for the Asia disaster. To be honest I was a littlebit dissapointed I knew nothing about this as I would have loved to participate. But -funny- as they zoomed in on Marianne Weber that's when I suddenly realised I had a song written, which lyrics even describe the tsunami and the images we saw on television.
I wrote it 2 years ago.
I almost forgot all about it.

Aquatica was originally written for the United Nations to support the 2003 Year Of Water.
An event which never took place because America invaded Irak.
Aquatica is a prayer and plea to the Goddess of water, Aquatica.
The lyrics refer to the 3 basic problems of men & water:

1- It's polluted
2- There's too little of it
3- There's too much of it

The second verse of Aquatica is about the tsunami.

Like "end of existance; tsumamis in the distance and you could have been so happy now" or "better not let Gaia wash us away", Aquatica's second verse is the closest reference to this disaster I had.

The strange thing with Aquatica and it's second verse reference is that all was already written over 2 years ago. This is what I meant with "The barely acceptable truth of knowing".
I saw things that were going to happen and I didn't know what to do with these images.
I converted these images into lyrics..
You know what nonsense it produces..
But suddenly "They're at the mercy of the blue murderer, see how they flee" gets it's meaning, when the tsunami and the reality came crashing in.

All made me suddenly jump up and call my brother if there was a version of Aquatica on disc here in the Netherlands.
There was.
Not even the completed mix, but a version to work with.
We edited the song into a 3:10 version, mastered it, I improvised a page on www.valensia.com and we called 3FM, Radio 2, Veronica, Radio Noordzee..
That was all arranged tuesday. All by Maaike.
At 0:00 am I changed the website, at 6:30 the next day we were driving to 3FM and at 9:00 Aquatica aired.
Hans Schiffers played Aquatica again at 15:30 while we distributed copies of Aquatica to the other radiostations.
I did 2 short interviews."

Sony is interested to release the single, which would be great but we have to get Aquatica as fast as possible on the website of the Free Recordshop (for example) to set up a paysystem as quickly as possible so people can start downloading and donating.

I guess it's clear what the Asia disaster means to me personally; I'm Indo myself.
The images and bodycount are devastating.
I wished I could do more, but this microscopic contribution is all I can do at this moment.

I wish there could be a Live Aid kind of "GAIA AWARENESS" live show, recurring every 2 years, to build a symbolic disaster fund to raise money for future disasters. But especially to work on the global AWARENESS of these future disasters.

I'm no Bob Geldof, I can't even organize a children's party, but who knows.
I'm really happy with the awareness of people regarding the Asia disaster, looking how much money is being brought in. But it would be even greater when artist could get together and even prevent these global disasters. Because they could.

-- Valensia Clarkson, 5 januari 2005 --

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