Queen Tribute

Queen Tribute (Japan) - VALENSIA
MICP-10368 (21 May. 2003)
VVR1026512(14 Jun. 2004)
LMC109 (25 Jun. 2004)
1.Sheer Heart Attack
2.Man From Manhattan
3.Bohemian Rhapsody
4.Polar Bear
5.I'm In Love With My Car
6.We Will Rock You
8.Dear Friends *
9.All the Young Dudes
10.Killer Queen
11.Love Of My Life
12.My Fairy King

* : bonus track

Benelux version
Scandinavian version

It wouldn't be a Queen Tribute if I'd transform Queen songs into something typically Valensian.
(クイーンの曲をヴァレンシアのスタイルにアレンジしてしまったら それは’クイーン・トリビュート’には成り得ない。)

This album contains NO samples of any Queen-recording whatsoever, neither does it contain any samples or recordings of the voice of Freddie Mercury.

Drums performed, engineered and recorded by David Clarkson.
Guitars, piano, bass, harmony and leadvocals performed, recorded, engineered mixed and produced by Valensia Clarkson.

(from a booklet of Queen Tribute)

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