The Blue Album
Who Says Modern Pop Music Has To Be Bad?

The Blue Album (Japan) - Valensia
MICP-10311 (24 Jul. 2002)
ESM099 (23 Feb 2004)
2.Hello Pianist
4.The Echo
5.The 1st Born
6.Goodnight Orion
8.The Flying Dutchfan
9.Life Is A Killer
10.The Amateur *
11.The Line
12.A Night In Spain
13.Bonen Hood
14.Valensian Jazz

* : bonus track

European version

It is highly recommended to listen to this kind of music on headphones and in bed.
This music consists of multiple arrangement layers. Various melodies which in popmusic normally are used as individual and leading melodies are weaved together forming one musical entity.
Multiple Arrangement Layered Music will have a disturbing effect when played in noisy environments like on parties or public places and is certainly not recommended being wallpaper music.

Each & every song written, composed, arranged, recorded, engineered, mixed, performed & produced by Valensia Clarkson.

Drums by David Clarkson
Bass guitars by Emanuel Platino
All computers, keyboards, samplers, synthesizers,
Unicorn guitars, harmony & leadvocals by Valensia Clarkson

(from a booklet of The Blue Album)

ブックレットに書かれているように、このアルバムをお聴きになる時は リラックスした気分で 是非ヘッドフォンをつけて 美しいメロディとハーモニーで幾重にも織り成された Valensian World をお楽しみください。

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