This Is Not A Drill

LMC100 (28 May. 2004)
1.Grim Reeper
2.Metal Majesty *
3.The Extra Terrestrial
4.Wonderful Life
5.Magic Chemistry
6.His Highness Hybris
7.Maiden Head
8.Licence To Chill
9.Everytime It Rains Again
10.Hope & Glory
11.Deborah (remix)
12.The Moon *
13.Bulgarian Queen / Symphony In V- Minor *
14.Rock N'r Roll *
15.Stars Tonight

* : bonus track

( Remastered / released in Finland )

Japanese version

about Symphony In V-Minor

All drums performed, recorded, arranged, mixed and produced by David Clarkson
All guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, violin ensembles, harmony & leadvocals, composed, written, recorded, arranged, mixed and produced by Valensia Clarkson

アルバムタイトル、収録曲、曲順は、Valensiaの最初の構想どおり +1 の 「完全版」です。

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