Millennium / Valensia III
Valensia '98 Musical Blue Paraphernalian Dreams Of
Earth's Eventide Whiter Future & Darker Present
Soundspheres From New Diamond Age Symphonian
Artworks To Yesterday's Westernworld Rockcraft
Under The Raging Nineties' Silver Promise Of
The Happy Hundreds On The Break Of The
New Millennium's Hazy Misty Dawn.

PHCR-1631(29 Jun 1998)
1.Let's Talk About Me
2.Love Me
3.Do You Feel OK Now
4.The First One
6.The Beating Of My Heart
7.(Why Don't You) Give A Little Something
8.My Lucielle
9.Dead Or Alive

"The Beating Of My Heart" was dedicated to Valensia's motherland Indonesia.

All songs written, composed, arranged, leadvocals, harmony vocals, guitars and other instruments: Valensia.

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