ZIP-FM 10th Anniversary Special

UICZ-1092/3 (26 Sep 2003)
Disc 1****Disc 2
1.ZIP-FM Jingle1.ZIP-FM Jingle
2.All The Things She Said2.Long Live The Party
3.Beautiful Day3.Get It On
4.Sweets For my Sweet4.Macarena
5.Cartoon Heroes5.S.O.S
6.A Thousand Miles6.The Sign
7.Gaia (10 Jul 1994)7.The Sweetest Days
8.ZIP-FM Jingle8.ZIP-FM Jingle
9.Party Hard9.Mmm Bop
10.Rock'n Roll Is Dead10.Hey Now Now
11.What I Go To School For11.Carnival
12.Walkin' On the Sun12.Tell Me It's Real
13.Heartbeat13.Am To Pm
14.ZIP-FM Jingle14.Livin' La Vida Loca
15.Oops!...I Did It Again15.ZIP-FM Jingle
16.Thong Song16.Survivor
17.Tha Wreckoning17.Now You're Not Here
18.Stuck in America18.You Get What You Give
20.Up On The Down Side

ZIP Hot 100No.1 に輝いた曲を 記念すべき日付と共に2枚のCDに。
Gaia は10年間のチャートでも 29位 でした!

No.1 songs on ZIP Hot 100 are here with memorable date.
Gaia is No.29 on the chart also for ten years !

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