Update 2002
December 31. BGM・壁紙・写真変更。(常動曲/Johann Strauss U)
15. BGM・壁紙・写真変更。(さよならの四重唱/G.Puccini)
November 18. レイアウト・BGM・壁紙変更。(If We Hold On Together/Diana Ross)
October 20. リンク追加。(branchesさん)
September 24. BGM・壁紙変更。(Tea For Two/Vincent Youmans)
August 4. BGM・壁紙変更。(Still Crazy After All These Years/Paul Simon)
July 4. BGM・壁紙変更。(Blackbird/The Beatles)
May 11. BGM・壁紙変更。(The Animal Song/Savage Garden)
March 14. BGM・壁紙変更。(Shape Of My Heart/Sting)
February 14. Harbot設置。
8. BGM・壁紙変更。(From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart/Britney Spears)
January 4. BGM変更。(Hero/Enrique Iglesias)