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The Origin of Japanese Souvenir

drummer People of all over the world say, when many Japanese people go to foreign country and their friends, they give their friends some souvenirs. In Japan, "souvenir" came from "visiting a shrine of Shintoism (o-miya mairi)." We do not know when Japanese people have begun to give it, maybe more than 1000 years ago. When then Japanese travelers visited a shrine, they bought some amulets for their neighbors and gave them. This custom was changed into "local food" or "local article of folk handicraft". The English word "souvenir" means "miyage" in Japanese, "o-miyage" in honorific Japanese. When they gave their neighbors local products, they had talked "Where did you visit?" and "Where is the most beautiful place?", and so on. In Japanese, people write the letters "o-miyage" like that of "local product." And this pronunciation came from "o-miya (shrine)." At present there are many kinds of religions all over the world. And it would be good for us to receive local product rather than receiving a thing of religion, whether it was in the Middle Ages or not. Right? dancer

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