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Atsuta & Otaru, etc (Hokkaido)
the Footsteps of Makiguchi, Tsunesaburo & Toda, Josei in Hokkaido

Japan map enlargement

Atsuta & Otaru
About 90 minutes from Tokyo (Haneda) to Sapporo (Chitose) by plane (about 800 km, about 500 miles).
Some people go to Hokkaido by train. 2 kinds of night trains, the "Cassiopeia" or the "Hokutosei" overnight limited express run between Ueno (Tokyo metropolis) and Sapporo through Seikan tunnel (53.9 km, about 34 miles, the longest tunnel in the world).

Toda sensei had lived in Atsuta village since he was 2 years old (in 1902). His family moved from Kaga city, Ishikawa prefecture (present place name). He went to an upriver and bartered tangle weed for gooseberry, and sold it. At present, his previous house was restored at Atsuta Park. His father was fisherman, and landed mainly herrings.
When Toda sensei and Ikeda sensei visited Atsuta together, Ikeda sensei wrote the song of "Atsuta village" (Vol. 12 of the "Human Revolution"). After Toda sensei became president of Soka Gakkai, he sent many books to Atsuta elementary school and Atsuta junior high school. This activity was the origin of presentation of book to the world.
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the Statue of
Toda, Josei
the Stone Monument of the song of
"Atsuta Village"
Atsuta port

the View of
Atsuta Village

Atsuta River

Toda's House
Toda's House
Toda's House
There are the Statue of Toda and Stone Monument at Soka Gakkai Toda Memorial Park. Restored Toda's house is located at Atsuta Park. And Atsuta River runs near it.

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Makiguchi sensei had worked at Otaru Police Station since 1885 (14 years old), before he entered Hokkaido University of Education Sapporo (present name).
Among Soka Gakkai members, Otaru city is famous for "Otaru Questionnaire" (on 11 Mar, 1955; Vol. 9 of the "Human Revolution"). Soka Gakkai fought against Nichiren-shu Minobu School with a war of words. Many Soka Gakkai menbers and believers of Minobu School who were living in Hokkaido attended it, and listened to it. Soka Gakkai won this battle completely. Most of believers of Minobu School discarded Minobu, and became the members of Soka Gakkai. It was historic great victory!

Otaru city
(Otaru Canal & red bricks storehouse)

Makiguchi sensei was a student of Hokkaido University of Education Sapporo (18-22 years old; 1889-1893). Then he had worked at a primary school of it (22-30 years old; 1893-1901).
Sapporo is a city designated by ordinance.

photo: previous Hokkai Prefecture Hall
Caution: This photo is not concerned with this body.

Yubari is where "Yubari Coal Miner Union Incident" had happened (Vol. 11 of the "Human Revolution"). Workers of this company discriminated Soka Gakkai members. All the families of SG members were refused to associate as neibours. Though the people of this union picked a quarrel with SG, they stopped because of the preparation for their strikes, and they found they were defeated. At present, Yubari coal mine was closed, and was changed into coal museum.
Mayachi was also coal-mining area (closed at present). Toda sensei had worked at the elementary school in Mayachi (18-20 years old; 1918-1920). After he resigned it, he moved to Tokyo. When he was a teacher in Tokyo, he had met Makiguchi sensei.
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