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Proceeding to the Shinkansen Platform
How to Board the Shinkansen (2), Train Travel in Japan

  • MaxNo Check-in Procedure
    Just Go through the gate, and wait at platform before departure
  • No X-ray Inspection
    No X-ray inspection regarding your luggages and yourself
  • No Checked Baggage
    All carry-on luggages, and need not to wait for luggage receiving
  • No Stairs between Platform and Train Entrance
    Easy to board, especially passengers with wheel chairs
  • No Accidental Death in Cabin (except suicide) since opening (1964)
    Only one accidental death in 1995 at the platform by boy (except suicide)
  • No Reservation Obligation except the "Hayabusa", "Hayate" and "Komachi"
    Except a few Shinkansen trains during peak seasons, all the trains are coupled on Non-reserved cars.
photo: Double Decker Train "Max" running on Joetsu Shinkansen

Tickets are inspected whenever passengers go through the gate. If you change trains from present line to Shinkansen without super express ticket, you can buy ticket counter by Shinkansen transfer gate.
Going through the Gate
(1) Gate for Shinkansen Only
This is for passengers who go to Shinkansen platform directly. Depending on stations, it is impossible. It is like this picture.
(2) Gate for Present Line & Gate for Transfer
It is for passengers who cannot go through "Gate for Shinkansen Only". At first, proceed to the "Gate for Present Line", then go through the "Gate for Transfer".
(3) Passengers from Present Line
They are the people who boarded local train, etc... Then change trains here for Shinkansen, and should go through the "Gate for Transfer" at changing station.

I think a spelling "Tokaido-Sanyo" is not appropriate, and correct spelling is "Tokaido-San'yo". These pronunciations are different.

Shinkansen Gate
Gate for Shinkansen Only
It is almost the same as "Transfer Gate".
Automatic Ticket Checker or Station Staff gate
Passengers with automated tickets (Reverse side is black)
Go through the "Automatic Ticket Checker"
, and insert tickets up to 4 tickets simultaneously. But do not insert other portions tickets.
Passengers with Non-automated tickets (Reverse side is gray or white), using rail passes (such as Japan Rail Pass), or passengers with wheel chair should go through "Station Staff Gate". And show your ticket and receive an entry stamp.
Japanese trains do NOT need to check in such as the "Eurostar" and "AVE". Just go through the gate and wait for your train at the platform in last minutes.

Passengers from Present Line Gate
Insert one "Fare Ticket" only. Then proceed to the Shinkansen gate, and there insert your tickets up to 4 tickets including fare ticket simultaneously.

In Shinkansen, passengers can NOT use the "Suica iO card". It is only for present line. Suica is very convenient card. If you have it when you take a local train, you do not need to buy ticket. Just "Touch & Go".

Gate for Present Line

Passengers who cannot go through automatic ticket checker should go through station staff gate.
transfer gate
After going through the gate for present line, look for transfer gate.

See electric bulletin boards, and check your train and platform.
Then proceed to the platform what you will take a train.
(center of photo: Linear Motor Car at 580 km/h)
shinkansen to platform

Shinkansen Map
Train Seat Reservation Application Form
How to Write "Train Seat Reservation Application Form"

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Train Travel in Japan
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Interesting Train Travel in Japan
Shinkansen Map
Train Seat Reservation Application Form
How to Write "Train Seat Reservation Application Form"
How to Board the Shinkansen
  1. Buying Shinkansen Tickets
  2. Proceeding to the Shinkansen Platform
  3. Waiting for a Train at the Platform
  4. Boarding Shinkansen
  5. Getting off Shinkansen

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